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Kár Oakenarrow

The small figure walked slowly towards the Inn. The sun was just sinking behind him in the West from whence he came, casting pleasent shadows about him. As he walked, a ray of sun hit the sign above the Inn door and temporarily blinded him; for above the door hung a sign, and on the sign was a golden perch. "Hmmm, probably the name of this here Inn," he thought to himself. "Seems pleasent enough, and definetly open to any weary travaller, and I do believe that I qualify under that category." He chuckled deeply at his own joke and proceded towards the Inn.

As he walked closer towards the Inn, he noticed that the building was built into the hill behind it. "What facinating creatures these Hobbits are! They are as ingenious as us Dwarves! How I would like to meet one of them and learn more about their culture."

He walked up to the low circular door and entered into the Common Room. He looked around and took stock of his position: the fireplace made of stone ("I wonder what the blacksmiths here are like?"), the bar and counter to his right. He noted that there were people sitting about.

He walked up to the counter and took a seat. The Hobbit behind the counter was rather short ("I wonder if all Hobbits are this short?" for he had never seen a Hobbit, even on his way across the Shire for he had avoided all the bigger villages, hoping to pass through them on his back home later on in time.) but he seemed to be a merry fellow.

"Hi there!" he called out. "Could I get some ale? I heard rumour that it's supposed to be the best in this beautiful country. By the way, I'm Kár, Kár Oakenarrow."
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