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● Jack Greymoss ●

Jack laid the string of fish down on the grassy part of the bank as Tollers held out the gold disc. His eyes gleamed at the sight of it. Taking it gently from his companion’s fingers, he turned it this way and that in the westering light.

‘Well, isn’t this just something, Tollers!’ He held the disc up in the air, letting it catch the light. ‘You’ve found a real gold coin here!’ Jack bit on the coin, affirming, so he told Tollers, that it was gold for sure. ‘It’s an old one, too. Look here, you can hardly make out what picture is on it.’ He rubbed it with his sleeve’s edge and held it up for a closer look. ‘Can’t tell about this side, but look here,’ he said flipping it over. ‘Does this sort of look like a hammer of some sort?’
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