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++King's Players Revival

I'd definitely love to revive this, it's too good a story and was too much fun to write to leave it perpetually enshrined in its present undead state. So yeah, of course I'm in.

A week to a Day sounds like a manageable ratio. My personal problem at the moment is that I'm currently trying to start a Werewolf game, and once it takes off, I'll be busy counting tallies and writing narrations and such; on the other hand, signup has been rather sluggish and I'm still a player or two short, so I have no idea when it's going to start (if ever). I'm on some annual leave until the 23rd, and I think I can squeeze the odd RPG post out of myself between Modding until then, but after that not so likely. What this all boils down to is that it's at the moment difficult to foresee how much time I'll be able to dedicate to KP Reloaded in the next couple of weeks.

Originally Posted by G55
I am quite hazy with which character is where and what were they doing there, but I think I'll get back on track once I reread a bit and start writing. Judging by my last posts on this thread, it's still the insane evening. Are we finishing that first, or moving right on to another Day, covering the rest in flashback?
Yes, I think it's still the insane evening, and as for my part, Coldan and Asta were just sneaking into the manor where they would meet Aldarion, Gloredhel, Sador and probably Cirdacil and Vëandur too, and everything would go POOF in one way or the other. Harrenon would probably be on his way back to the inn, where Brinn was having a motherly talk with Thiliel, and what the rest of the gang was up to is everybody's guess.

Much as I have to admit that the insane evening™ has already consumed an insane amount of time and words, I'd be loath to have it glossed over in a flashback. There's been a long buildup to this point more or less from Sador's first appearance, and giving it short shrift like that may be good for speeding up the game but would IMO mutilate the story. That's not to say we couldn't fast forward a bit - say, to the performance of Sador's play, which IIRC was to be the climactic point where everybody would confront each other.

I think one of the problems with the IE was that it left the rest of the p/Players hanging in the air with not a lot to do. Maybe this could be amended by, say, Harry turning up at the inn with news of Asta's and Coldan's secret enterprise, or maybe even better something unrelated happening like e.g. the return of Branor and/or Therian?

Anyway, pity Ang can't be with us anymore; the eloquence and quaint irony of his writing was one of the highlights of this game for me. I'm sure tp can handle the plot, it just won't feel the same. But whatever, Ang, good luck and best wishes; I hope we'll meet again!
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