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The two Hobbit children in FotR were indeed PJ's children. I thought perhaps they were also in Helm's Deep and in Minas Tirith, and it makes sense that they were. Many of the cast and crew had friends and relatives in the movies. Elijah Woods' sister was in Helm's Deep. The boy Aragorn talks to and compliments on his sword at Helm's Deep, Halfast son of Hama, was, I believe, Viggo Mortensen's son. Philippa Boyens' son was, I think, also at Helm's Deep, the small lad peering over the wall, his face almost completely obscured by his helmet. PJ himself had cameos in the first two and possibly the third movie; in FotR he was at Bree, eating a carrot; in TTT he was in the Hornburg at Helm's Deep, valiantly defending the door. Many of the Hobbits were friends or relatives; one of them didn't wear a wig because he had perfect hobbit-hair. I can't think of any more at present.
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