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I actually had a weird dream; I think that I could give my mom a run for her money with this one.

I dreamed that the sixth Harry Potter book had just been released, and I saw a copy of it in Barnes and Noble. The cover had Harry sitting at a table (probably in Hagrid's hut) and he was staring at a dragon egg that had a phoenix hatching out of it. I picked up the book and started reading it, and then I got to the part where Sirius appears to Harry. Now here's where it actually relates to LotR: I always imagine what the chacters should look like in my head, but this time Sirius looked like Viggo Mortensen! He was dressed in black robes but he had Anduril belted around his waist and he had that silver ring with the green stone on his finger. Then he started quoting lines from the chapter with the Paths of the Dead, and I woke up.
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