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Oh dear, I'm afraid that we're all insane. [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

And now for mine. I was at a shopping mall, in the food court and Legolas was in a booth signing autographs. Then I looked over and Orlando Bloom was in a different booth signing autographs. I got both their autographs and then I walked up to Orlando and told him that he had cool sunglasses. Then I pointed to a guy in my class that I really don't like and said, "Man, I hate that guy." Orlando said, "Okay, I'll go beat him up for you." I replied with "Okay." Then I woke up.

Here's another; I'm not sure if I've told this one yet. Me, my friends Anita and Brittney and Dominic, Billy and Elijah were all on a yacht in the middle of the river by my town. We were running around the yacht, having fun, when I fell in the water. I swam up to the surface but I couldn't swim any more, so Dominic had to jump in and get me. Then there was this strange kid skateboarding around on top of the water (all of a sudden it was solidified) and I said, "Be careful! There are holes that you can fall into! Oh wait...never mind!" Just then, a helicopter flew over and hovered about 100 yards away from us. It dropped someone out of it onto the water and flew away. We all hid and peeked out of holes in the yacht, and discovered that it was Orlando Bloom. Dominic ran at him and gave him a bear hug, and then all of a sudden the actors were crammed into a tiny SUV on the shore, and I wanted to go get their autographs but they drove away. The End.
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