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Wow, I had a really weird one last night. I was in art class, and suddenly all of my classmates turned into Barrowdowners. I'm not sure who all was there, but I know Saucepan Man, Meela, and possibly Finwe and Estanesse were there. Then Estanesse and I came up with the idea that we were going to draw LotR characters. Everyone agreed. I announced that I did not want to draw Denethor because he was my mean old Grandfather (????). Meela said something to defend Denethor and that she would draw him. So we all started drawing, and then my teacher announced that despite the closets full of art supplies we did not have the supplies we needed to finish the projects. So we used chalk pastels instead, which completely wrecked the drawings. Then Estanesse and I said sadly, "You all knew this never would work, didn't you?" and everyone was really sympathethic, but they agreed that, yes, they had known. Then Saucepan Man, who wasn't being sympathetic like everyone else said, "Yeah, of course we knew." and something like the rolleyes smilie appeared and the dream ended.
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