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Been a while since I've been on this thread!

Anyways.... The most recent dream I've had was influenced by a science 'field trip' to Cope Park, and small playground next to Gold Creek. In the dream, I found the fellowship lost in the woods, and I asked them what was wrong. They blamed Legolas for reading the map upside down, and I said that I knew where they were going (even though I didnt). I told them to follow me, and I started up a trail to my 'secret spot' named Rohani. When we got to the pipe/wooden bridge that crossed the creek 10 ft. below, they didnt believe me and gave me wierd looks. I crossed over to the other side and said "See, it's right down this way". And then I was checking the trail behind them to see if anyone was following, I was expecting lawers (????). They finally came acrost and I told them to just follow the trail up onto another trail, which led to another trail, that lead onto another trail, that lead to where they were going (and what's sad is that this series of trails exist!)

I had another one where there was a hobbit in orc garb with a knife and we were in a hand-to-hand combat, circling eachother. Then they pounced, sliced my skin near my chin, and jumped onto my chest knocking the wind out of me. It turned out to be my evil cat jumping onto my bed. I think I'll keep the scar......

What's sad, is that I have read this thread before and have had dreams influenced by previous posts. Like Meela and Finwe(*cough, cough*) but I dont remember what they were about other than I had read them before and who wrote them.

watashi no mori desu!!!!
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