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The Eye For Whom the Bell Tolls

With four votes in the last four posts, ANGUIREL's total reaches six, and he is immediately bound and led toward the gallows, with the mob screaming behind him in a maddened frenzy. As he stumbles up the stairs, he looks down on his accusers with a look of horror in his eyes, as if to say "Why?". Tears rolls down his face as the hangman places a burlap sack over his head, and his cries are muffled by his mask as the noose is fit snuggly around his neck. Without fanfare or pause, the lever is pulled and Anguirel falls downward with a sickening thud...

... but not the expected *snap* of the neck...

... though the villagers had braced themselves for their victim's neck to break loudly, they were unprepared for what happened next. Intead of the silence of death, the mob heard a horrible shriek and a wail as if the hounds of hell had been released. Anguirel's body writhed and shook at the end of the rope, and his head rolled back to reveal a ghastly maul of fangs and blood. His arms, tied behind his back, flexed in mounds of monstrous flesh that threatend to break the beast's bonds. But the villagers had tied the knots correctly, just as they had correctly deduced the beast among them.

The entire village cheered as the werewolf slowly choked to death on the shaking gibbet.

  • mormegil
  • The Saucepan Man
  • the phantom
  • Primrose Bolger
  • Firefoot
  • Oddwen
  • Feanor of the Peredhil
  • bilbo_baggins
  • Kuruharan
  • Mithalwen

  • Shelob (Villager) - killed by werewolves during Night 1
  • Anguirel (Werewolf) - hanged on Day 1

Werewolves: 2
Villagers: 8

NIGHT begins at 6AM tomorrow and ends at 6PM tomorrow evening. There are still two werewolves in the village, and someone is going to die!!
The Barrow-Wight

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