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Fea screamed at the sight before them before falling into a dead faint. The phantom caught her, lowering her to the floor where she slowly came to. Realizing why she was on the floor, she started to tremble, looking into the faces of those likely to lynch her next. She was scared.

Friends... remember when I said I was allied with no-one? Well, I was telling the truth. Is it my fault that Anguirel tried to hide his own guilt behind my innocence? Is there any better way to try and mask your guilt than by taking the side of one not guilty?

I am dreadfully sorry about The Saucepan Man... I feel pretty bad now. And did those werewolves honestly need to come up with such a grisly death? They couldn't just have... I dunno... slit his throat quietly or something? So messy...

But I've been thinking about this all night, when I wasn't sunk into a dreamless and deep sleep... The werewolves wouldn't dream of killing me, not because I am one of them, but because I am conveniently the target you are all fixing on! If they could convince you that I am one of them, than they wouldn't need to kill me... you'd do it for them, leaving them wide open to kill another villager!

But don't take my word for it... I was feeling like Galileo when I went to bed last night... just because I pointed out a scientific fact about wolves, you'll now all think I need to die.

Right now... I've learned my lesson when it comes to accusing with only what I thought I heard for evidence. And since I slept so soundly and didn't even hear the wind... I feel I must hold my tongue when it comes to factless accusations. Passion over-took my common sense yesterday, but today, level-headedness shall prevail... I hope. Unless, of course, you all plan on killing me. In that case, I may just have to make a passionate plea for my innocence.

Now that I think on it, in the wee hours of the night I did see the phantom, before the slaying was discovered, having a private moment with someone online . . .
Primrose, that private moment didn't happen to be around 1:07 AM EST, did it?
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