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Okay we still have a werewolf among us and we need to eradicate this problem. We were successful yesterday and I hope that we can be so today. We know now that Anguirel was in cahoots so this quote may help in our search of the partner.

Originally Posted by Anguirel
Mithalwen has been strangely quiet after her initial inquiries...but could not be her...after all, she is of the Quendi...isn't she? Still, still, some say they skulk in elf form as well. Let a swift rider be dispatched to Nargothrond to see if the rumours are true.

In the meantime, there is no place for name-calling and prejudice in this village, and, though it pains me to say it, Oddwen's ridiculous and ill-founded lambasting of our friendly neighbourhood warhorse would seem to hint that she is either dangerously rash...or not one of us.

I believe Feanor acted in good faith, out of grief at the stricken spider, who was very dear to her. Accuse her not. She merely tried to do her duty.

What of the phantom? A dread spirit of darkness and wrath; 'twould be no great surprise to find him a visitor at Tol-in-Gaurhoth...
While not fool proof I think we can see that Anguirel supported Firefoot and Feanor. Could it be that she tried to calm our suspicions and throw us off their tracks? What is the opinion of our citizens?
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