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mormegil, I do not understand your unfounded accusations of me. Yes, Anguirel did support me, though it was by no doing of mine. Perhaps he, being a werewolf, saw that there would be some value in keeping me around, or did not perceive me as a threat. Clearly this was not so as I myself helped vote him out. You might say that this was to cover my own skin, as bilbo_baggins suggested someone might do. But why would I do this if there was already some suspicion over me? Especially if we were, as you suggest, in league with Fea, who is also under a great deal of suspicion. After all, there are only three werewolves and many more villagers. If we supposed-werewolves were all in danger, would we not do our best to keep ourselves around? I thought so.

Back to Anguirel's support of me. It is clear that Anguirel was very insecure in his position as a werewolf. He did a great deal of thrashing around and blindly accusing and defending people. Perhaps he had some strategy that he thought would work, perhaps to confuse others as to his true allies? After all, why would he bring deliberate and obvious aid to both his own teammates?

I have done nothing to you, mormegil, to make you feel the need to thrash out at me. I have done very little accusing and none to you, and even that was more of commenting than accusing. My guess is that one of those whom I pointed out as being dangerous (Fea or phantom) is actually one of your werewolf comrades. Of course they would not attack me directly, but by having you do it, it would cover their tracks. I also notice that you did not actually vote at all; rather you originally wished Anguirel a pain-free death, which wish you then conspicuously changed after the fact to a wish for a painful beyond belief death. What better deal could you get? You didn't have to vote out one of your own, and you even got to make yourself look good doing it! I have yet to hear a convincing alibi from you, other than "I'm innocent!" Most of your work has been accusing others.

I do not wish to accuse you, but as you seem bent on accusing me, I am led to believe that your only reason for doing so is that you somehow feel threatened by me.
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