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the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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Why would tp say something as obviously unfactual as that wolves prey on their families?
Not wolves necessarily- werewolves kill the ones they love. If you want it in writing, just look here at this plot summary of the 1994 movie "Wolf". It specifically mentions the fact that werewolves kill the ones they love, so don't even try to say that my statement was unfounded.
your willingness to protect me puts you at the most risk, given that I am currently at the top of the list of those under suspicion. Why would you be willing to protect me, although it may be for the simple reason of friendship? Given your intellect, I would think more that you would well know the danger this puts you in.
I protected you for a few reasons.
1 I was more sure of Anguirel than I was of you
2 I didn't want people to split their votes between you and Anguirel. That would have left open the possibility that neither of you would get lynched. I wanted to put forth one single clear-cut candidate to unite the other townspeople.
3 Since there was a chance, however small, that I was wrong, I wanted to kill Anguirel rather than you since you are such a good friend (no harm intended Ang, you're cool too ).
the phantom is not being his usual annoyingly accurate and makes-you-want-to-slap-him self
Yes I am. Ask the dead werewolf.

Here's a breakdown of who is left and what I think of them.

mormegil- fairly suspicious
the phantom- not a werewolf
Primrose Bolger- fairly suspicious
Firefoot- not too suspicious
Oddwen- a tiny bit suspicious
Feanor of the Peredhil- very suspicious
bilbo_baggins- not too suspicious
Kuruharan- not too suspicious
Mithalwen- not too suspicious

That's all I have time for right now. I will post some reasons why as well as more thoughts later on tonight (four or five hours from now).
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