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mormegil - I see that you refuse to read my defense with an open mind. Rather, you (mis)interpreted all that I said to fit your accusation that I am a werewolf, calling my words "rubbish" and "lies." They are neither, but in light of your current stance I refuse to argue with you about my innocence for two reasons: 1) I believe I have said all that I need to prove my innocence in my first post, and 2) all that I say will merely be twisted by you into "evidence of my guilt" anyway.

That being said, I have some points to make about you. For one thing, your primary grounds of assault have been my supposed associations with Anguirel. You claim his defense of me is proof of our alliance, yet Anguirel also defended Fea, and you now claim that you believe Fea to be innocent. This, I would say, is hypocrisy. Additionally, if you are to make the claim that the defense of another person is a sign of wolvish comradery, I would point out that you are doing the very same in defending Fea. Fea, who, might I add, is the current primary suspect for being a werewolf and was also defended by Anguirel.

You are clever, mormegil, very clever. But I think you to be also hasty. You claim that you seek justice and the betterment of society, yet would not one who seeks to do just that wait and review all the evidence with an open mind?

I do not yet cast my vote, but know that you are a fair candidate, whether this time around or the next.

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