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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
Alex Lewis wasn't there you can imagin how controllable my grief was Lal, ...... but there was a lot of truly dreadful poetry, some folk singing - which was fine but basically the same tune regardless of subject matter and the truly wonderful "Sound of Mumaks" presented by the Cambridge Tolkien Society...... All together now "How do you solve a problem like Moria?" ....
Now I'm really angry that I missed the one year that was not blighted by the 'singing' of Mr Lewis.

Although I did miss a chance to annoy by starting an argument about how folk music is actually good

Originally Posted by Squatter
I'll say this for the TS: they know how to drink; and by 'drink' I mean anything and everything that they can lay their hands on.
Yes, it's the English disease I spent a long time after the last Oxonmoot worrying I had made a plonker of myself with Joanna Tolkien because I was introduced to her while sitting on a park bench in the darkness (to which we had retreated so as to swear copiously about the Ents without directly hurting anyone's feelings...and so that we could still see in and laugh at a certain singer), well oiled with cider and stinking of an excessive consumption of cigs and cheesey Nik Naks. There was a roof party (of sorts) last year - unfortunately this happened above my room on the Friday, one of several designated as the 'quiet' block - I trust this was not the case this year or our esteemed pal Alan may have had to spend a night sleeping on a bench in the quad once more and I don't think it did him very much good - I shall have to get davem to ask him...I believe last year Mr narfforc was so drunk he went to sleep at teatime and woke up at 4am on Sunday morning looking for the party

Did you know that at the Birmingham event the TS had drunk the local pub quite literally dry by Sunday night - but being troopers, everyone went and sat outside the pub anyway.

Next year we may or may not be able to bring the newest Downer of all. This depends on how good the cider harvest has been though.
Gordon's alive!
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