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Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
My trip to Helsinki was one of my better planned trips and was something I was looking forward to for some time. And I had such a great time, I'm sad it's already over. Anyways, I've got so much wonderful things to say, I just don't know if I can put it all into words...

Lommy and Aganzir were the ones who greeted me at the airport. Lommy is just as much of a sweetheart as she is online and I must say, she's got a wonderful smile (and you should see her face light up when you mention penguins...). Aganzir seems to be happy and serious and silly all at the same time (if that description makes any sense whatsoever...). I sense an adventurous streak in her and there's something about Aganzir that makes me think she definitely belongs in Middle-earth.

An hour after we arrived at Noggie's place, Noggie, Greenie, and Volo arrived from school. Noggie is just as talkative as he is on the Downs. We had some interesting conversations and I enjoyed discussing with him as well as learning from him. I envy the students who have him as a teacher, as I could imagine it must be great to be in his class. It's just a shame he was unable to hang out with the rest of us during the day. I didn't know Greenie very well before I met her, but I've discovered she's got a great personality. She is a very cute girl and most definitely an actress (as those who have heard some of her audio clips might alreay know). She also has some really wonderful facial expressions. Volo is just as funny and weird (of course, in a good way) in RL as he is on the Downs. I found him quite easy to talk to.

All five are equally silly, which I loved. Their enthusiasm helped me break out of my shell and I was happy to join in on the craziness and fun they partake in. As for what we did, I think the others gave everyone a good idea of that..

Originally Posted by Nogrod
A bit shy perhaps to begin with (or was it just me?)
No, that's not just you...I am known to be a shy person. But as I said, everyone's outgoingness really helped me break out of my shell.

Originally Posted by Aganzir
played live werewolf (which was not nice, though )
That's only because Aganzir became a Fenris Wolf..

Anyways, pictures should be coming soon...hopefully no later than late tonight. I'm sure they will amuse many.

And if any of you come knocking on my door, whether it's in Boise or Boston or wherever else I may live, I will gladly welcome you.
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