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Sorn slowly made his way down the rickety stairs leading into the two hundred year-old cellars. Its musty scent, low ceilings, and dank crawl spaces were a refuge of childhood. Now it was the stage to return his family to the wealth deserving of their name. And this far, his entire plan was working perfectly. Save the noise of the captive, of course.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the difference in light in the cellar, and Sorn studied the face of the guard. He seemed to be trying his best at indifference towards the girl, who was calling and shaking at the bars. Sorn walked to the front of the cell, and glared into her holding space.

She immediately met his eye in defiance, and he grinned widely. It was not long before she questioned him. "What happened to the man I slashed?" she began. Sorn crouched slowly by her cell, peering in at her with a strange, off-kilter expression. This seemed to unnerve her a little, but she still continued her questioning.

"I hope he hurt. Are you proud of your little little scheme? Using a girl barely out of childhood to twist people into doing your will? Truly only a very brave man would dare to attack me."

"Oh, I can assure you, Wæveth is very sore indeed. He will not cross you again. At least, not while you have the use of your limbs and a blade. Shall I arrange for him to be your guard? He would appreciate that, I am certain. Brave man that he is..."

Before Sorn could continue his taunting, he heard Scyld behind him. "What do you think, sir? Do you have any new orders concerning her?"

Sorn opened his mouth to suggest a change of guard for a moment, but his ideas came into fruition before he could air them. A loud boom came from the top of the stairs, and a crashing, and a gurgling bellow of a voice made Sorn chuckle.

"Well, my lady," Sorn eased himself up off his knees, and looked down on her coldly. "It seems that you object to the valiant guardsman I allotted to your services. Perhaps you'll prefer the one who's coming to relieve him..."

"Open the door to Master Gurth," Sorn said, turning to Scyld. "Then come after me and I'll tell you all you need to know."

Sorn, in cat-like speed, hopped up the stairs. Scyld followed, and lead the hulking Gurth down the stairs. Sorn stood by the doorway and laughed as Scyld directed the behemoth to guard the Lady Linduial, with the promise of mead as a reward. Sorn looked about the cellar, and noticed the plentiful supply of the liquid most coved by the giant. If he were able to figure out the contents of the barrels, what fun would be had! Sorn continued to laugh at his own thoughts, even when Scyld mounted the stairs and stood by him.

"Lord, is something the matter?" Scyld asked, mildly irritated that Sorn may have gained amusement at his expense. “Nothing, good Scyld…” Sorn smiled, and motioned him to follow along as he walked to his dining Hall. Finally reaching their destination, Sorn again took up his pipe and his fine pouch of pipe-weed.

"The Lady is strong." he began, lighting his pipe and taking a few, dramatic puffs. "She will try to escape. She was trying, even as we stood there, to appeal to your emotions." Scyld nodded, having obviously seen through her talk.

"She will not be deterred, until something greater than her own life is threatened." Sorn narrowed his glance at Scyld. "Bring me Osfrid. He has a lady friend, and I believe the two of them would be of great use to us now."
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