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"You have sought to present each work individually, edited for agreement, while this project seeks to follow Christopher Tolkien's method of combining the texts into a singular narrative. In addition, simply going by the chapter headings and subheadings you have given, it seems you are much freer with invention and insertion of unsourced material into the work, which is something we cannot do in this project."

Arcuscalion, apart for the subheadings I didn't invent anything, anything is unsourced; only prepositional, etc nexus between paragraphs, sentences, etc.
But many subheadings in UT and HoME series are (in my opinion) inventions of CT only to give order to the texts. For that reason the subheadings never were a problem for me while the text were pure Tolkien.

"In terms of the Third Age specifically, I see how you have organized it, which is much the same way in which it was organized in Appendix A: each kingdom treated distinctly, and with no linearly progressing narrative for the history."

I also think that I am following the CT method, but the structure I think is more JRRT method (always with humility of course) as you said about my following Appendix A of TLotR.

Anyway I always understood that this project is different from mine and in this way I always share my opinions about the composition of the texts, forgetting the structure because as I always said in this forum, at last the historic information is the same.
I only wanted to say that you could take ideas from my structure, only that.
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