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I must say, I am against using the revised edition of the Hobbit in our narrative. To do so would be unjustifiable, as even the revised edition does not change the fact that it is from Bilbo's perspective and not Gandalf's. I think also that to use summaries of the LotR text would not be in line with the project, but I suppose it is more viable than the inclusion of the Hobbit material. I think we should hold off adding any of teh remaining three tales (Quest for Erebor (QE), Battles of the Fords of Isen (BFI), and Hunt for the Ring (HR)) until we have posted and reviewed the text of the final chapter. This way we will see what we are working with and be able to make a more informed choice.

As to what sources I used for the final chapter, I did not use the ones you mentioned. I used a large patchwork of sources, and I think it covers the War of the Ring reasonably well, but of course only highlighting Gandalf, Aragorn, and mentioning Frodo. After we review the chapter, we can discuss adding in more details.
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