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lindil has just left Hobbiton.

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D:&quot;You are referring to me as someone who lacks an adam's apple again,

Serious apologies , I can assure you I have no futher confusion on that point.
I scanned the above entry and did not see it [although i saw about 2 dozen typo's]
perhaps it is a quote from the original slip, I don't know as I said i cant find it , but when i do it will be smitten.
feel free to put the whole surrounding sentence or 2 in a reply , and I will edit it. again sorry.
As all so delicatlt refrain from mentioning- I am no proofreader <img src=smile.gif ALT=""> .

Durelen: &quot;lindil, you stated that v and x are almost identical even though compiled several years apart&quot;

I did? Not true. IV and V are 'relatively' [i am saying this from memory] similar X is not and contains much [including chapter layout ] that is unique and are the final 2 versions written by JRRT and--- will compose the core of our new DoV .

I,IV,V [and maybe 77] will be used to fill in missing [non-conflicting w/ X phase 2] details and repair any awkward grammar and transitions

Is the QS in v the same, or were you speaking
along another line?

I was probably reffering to reffering to QS in X, as V at this point has needed no special mention [ I will ahve to go back and clarify my post I see.]


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