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1. Does the change in role of Eonwe from the son of Manwe to his herald require some further explanation or justification for his role in the War of Wrath?
Nope, he is in both cases still the mightiest IN ARMS (Not in inherent pyshical strength). Does it really matter whether he is the son/herald of Manwe? The procreation of the Valar really should belong to the 'earlier' Quenta's of HoME 4 and 5, IMO, Eowne was the 'best man for the job' either way, his brute force wasn't equal to say Tulkas or Orome ,thus limiting his ability to 'damage' Arda in the sense that the valar could (Though the war did lead to the sinking of Beleriand)and he was strong enough to enchain a vastly weakened Morgoth.
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