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Thanks for clearing that up Tar-Elenion and Legalos. And thanks for including many of the entries.

But even if the Uruk and Uruk-Hai thing is cleared up, why then are the uruk-hai of isengard so much different from the apelike orcs of lubgburz?
In the twilight he saw a large black Orc, probably Uglśk, standing facing Grishnįkh, a short crook-legged creature, very broad and with long arms that hung almost to the ground.
Grishnak is shorter than Ugluk but bigger than the orcs from the Misty Mountains. So how did the Isengarders get so much bigger than the others? If they would have been orcs originally from Mordor that were crossed with orcs from the Misty mountains, they would have attributes similar to those groups. But they don't, they are more like the men from Dunland than either of the other two groups of orcs.

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