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Originally Posted by littlemanpoet
Amroth is dreaming what's really happening to Nimrodel.
Raefindan is dreaming what really happened between Mithrellas and himself as Imrazor.
Roy Edwards is dreaming what really happened to Mellonin, Mellondu, Raefindan, and all the rest of them.

Et cetera.

Get it?
I get it... and I'm not TRYING to make things more difficult... but there seems to me to be a contradiction here.

Roy dreaming as Raefindan IN THE SAME MANNER as Raefindan dreaming as Imrazor implies that Raefindan exists in Middle-Earth, quite apart from Roy, just as Imrazor existed, quite apart from Raefindan.

However, all indications thus far have been that Raefindan IS Roy- but in Middle-Earth. Take away the dreamer and you are left with... nobody. Raefindan cannot exist without Roy, since he wholly and totally is Roy- he has no other history or memory AS RAEFINDAN from prior to when Roy and he begin to coexist- whereas Imrazor (or so my reading seemed to imply)- though his experiences are wholly shared and experienced by Raefindan- existed on his own, with his own history and memories, prior to when Raefindan first started dreaming him.

Does that make sense?

Oh, and on a sillier note, I must take offence at your calling transubstantiation a "Roman Rite" doctrine. You do a great disservice to the Eastern Rite Catholics. And certain Anglicans.
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