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<BR><br><br> 1. I would say many of us are excited, but there are also many that aren't going to see it because they think it is an abomination of Tolkien's work.<br> <br> 2. I have been reading up on it, I have visited the Tol Galen website several times. Tol Galen is based in New Zealond and it gets a lot of inside information or at least better than most magazines are putting out. <br> I think the expansion of Arwen's role in LotR is in poor taste and the deletion of Bombadil and the barrowdowns from the movie is also. Although Bombadil isn't even an important part of the book it still should be in the movie. <br> Something that I do think that will be good will be the scenary, it is kind of hard to picture everything in your mind when reading, the movies should help out a bit.<br> I don't think Liv Tyler will do that bad of a job, I just think it is because she is American and a lot of people on these sites think someone else more suited should have been cast as Arwen.<br> <br> 3. I saw the teaser trailer but it is still thurs. now so I will tell you what I thought about the teaser, it was great.<br> <br> 4. I think the films will be good, as long as they stay relatively close to the books.<br> <br> 5. Bakshi's film? Horrible anyone will tell you that. I was just a terrible movie and it didn't even finish.<br> <br> Hope I helped out a little. <p></p>
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