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<BR><br><br> In answer to your questions, Deving13:<br> <br> I have grave reservations about the forthcoming films. The fact that Peter Jackson is taking serious liberties with the plot, especially the oft-discussed Arwen scenario, is an unforgiveable error of judgement. I don`t doubt that the films will look spectacular (I`m especially looking forward to the battle scenes), but I will just view them as a few hours entertainment. I doubt that they will add to my enjoyment of JRRT`s work.<br> <br> While it is true that some `classic` novels, like those of Dickens and Austen, for example, have been successfully translated to the silver screen, I suspect that Peter Jackson`s adaptation of The Lord of the Rings will prove to be different. Rather than concentrating on dialogue and characterisation, as the aforementioned authors do, Tolkien`s work relies heavily on vivid description and the stimulation of the reader`s imagination. I find it doubtful whether this can be successfully conveyed in a film.<br> <br> I remember Ralph Bakshi`s film, which was released around 1980, if I recall correctly. All I will say about it is that if Jackson doesn`t do a significantly better job, then he will lose New Line a lot of money. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Taimar</A>&nbsp; at: 1/12/01 8:19:01 am<br></i>
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