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This chapter is straightforward, but I think it turned out well. A few comments:

1) The end of the first paragraph of HE-SL-06 says:

The Gap was watched by the fortresses of Aglarond (the Hornburg) and Angrenost (Isengard) ...

Another point was that the Stewards retained under their own rule the Tower of Orthanc and the Ring of Isengard (Angrenost) ...
I'm sure we have used different names for the same place in the past, but this one stuck out to me because the usage of Isengard and Angrenost is completely reversed from what came before. I know that's how Tolkien wrote it, but I'm thinking we should use the Westron version of names as the primary names and the Sindarin version in parenthesis. I know we aren't claiming definitively that any of these texts are in-universe, but I'm assuming the chapters about Rohan are based on sources written or told by someone in Rohan or maybe Gondor.

It was soon clear to the Rohirrim that these raiders had mot ...
This should be "not".
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