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Saeryn hurried to serve the others, wondering what it was exactly that trouble Eodwine. It could be any number of things – the continuing rain and threat of new flooding, the recent toil of digging the trenches. Something tightened in her gut as she thought that maybe Eodwine was succumbing to yet another sickness – not unlikely, given his recent occupation. She tried hastily to push from her mind, but it would not leave completely.

She emptied her tray and went back to the kitchen for more. Returning, she scanned the room quickly for which tables had not yet been served. She spotted Garreth storming out the door, and she glanced about for an explanation. She saw Rowenna talking with Harreld and for a moment, she watched without moving. Rowenna stepped to where Léof and Scyld sat waiting for their meal. She spoke to them, her face glowering, and she seemed to be holding the plates hostage until they answered her questions.

“What is troubling her now?” Saeryn wondered impatiently. “Isn’t there enough to do without finding trouble?” She began to move toward them.

She did not hear any of the words that passed between them before Rowenna placed the plate before Léof, but her eyebrows went up when she saw Rowenna sit beside Scyld and put the plate between them. She was close enough to hear her offer to share.

“Very well,” Scyld said. “Equally deserved, equally shared.”

Saeryn stopped just by Rowenna. “Is everyone served, Rowenna, or are you too weary to go on without supper?” she asked.

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