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Mithadan has been trapped in the Barrow!

"A glass of wine would be lovely, Mistress Piosenniel," Baran answered. "Red if you have it, though I am not picky."

He examined the map closely as she went to a nearby cabinet and withdrew a bottle. She extracted the cork and poured a cup for her guest. He took it absentmindedly and drained it in a gulp. Her right eyebrow rose in amusement and she left the bottle open on the table. "It would seem that this map may confirm the tale told on that scroll," he commented as he poured himself another glass. He remembered his manners this time and nodded to his host before taking another gulp. "Very well," he continued. "That's where we're going then."

"We?" stammered Piosenniel.

"Yes, we," he answered. "You want to find your friend Bird, don't you." She nodded hesitantly. "Yes, but..." she replied. He interrupted her with an expansive wave of his arms. "Then it's settled! We're bound for the south!"
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