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Perlude of [b]The Silmarillion[/b]

Before we start anything else we should probabaly discuss this prelude:
Quenta Silmarillion
PRE-ED-01 <LQ {Ălfwine's note:
}These histories were written by {Pengolo­}[Pengolodh] the Wise of Gondolin, both in that city before its fall, and afterwards PRE-ED-02{at Tathrobel in the Lonely Isle, ToleressŰa}, PRE-LQ-01{after the return unto the West. In their making he used much the writings of R˙mil the Elfsage of Valinor, chiefly in the annals of Valinor and the account of tongues, and he used also the accounts that are preserved in the Golden Book.}< after the Elves had returned into the West. In their making he used much the writings of Rumil the Elf-sage of Valinor concerning other matters than the wars of Beleriand; and he used also the accounts that are preserved by the Elves of EressŰa in the Golden Book.> PRE-ED-03{The work of Pengolo­ I learned much by heart, and turned into my tongue, some during my sojourn in the West, but most after my return to Britain.
pus cwaep Ălfwine Widlast:
Fela bid on Westwegum werum uncudra,
wundra ond wihta, wlitescyne lond,
eardgeard ylfa ond esa bliss.
Lyt aenig wat hwylc his longad sie
pam pe eftsides yldu getwaefed.
Translator's note:
}The histories are here given in English of this day PRE-ED-03.{, translated from the version of PRE-LQ-02{Eriol}<Ereol> of Leithien, as the Gnomes called him, who was Ălfwine of PRE-LQ-03{Angelcynn}<Angolcynn that is now England>. Such other matters as Ălfwine took direct from the Golden Book, together with his account of his voyage, and his sojourn in ToleressŰa, are given elsewhere.
[Footnote to the text: Specimens (not here) are extant
(a). of the original EressŰan form and script
(b). of the annals as written by Ălfwine in ancient English]}
Here begins the Silmarillion or history of the Silmarils>
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