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As I understood it it was Rumil (Annals of Aman, Lhammas, Valaquenta, Ainulindale) --> Pengolodh (Grey Annals, Lhammasathen, Quenta Silmarillion, various lore things) in Erressea using the stories of the returned Exiles --> Numenorean scholars via Eressean Elves --> The Faithful of Numenor (with added Numenorean histories and Akallabeth by Elendil) --> Arnor and Gondor historians (of whom Findegil was chief) --> brought to Imladris and kept as books of lore (some) --> Bilbo translates into Westron --> Becomes the Red Book of Westmarch and Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit is added --> Merry and Pippin and Sam add various Shire and Gondor and Arnor lore tidbits --> Tolkien supposedly discovers and translates into English.

In a side note, there existed also the contemporary Rumil --> Pengolodh --> Aelfwine --> Tolkien path, but this we have decided to ignore.
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