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Sorry, I didn't put any comments about the changes online. That would have explained some questions:

PRE-ED-01: We decised to remove Ælfwine, so he has to go here.

PRE-ED-02: I agree to ArcusCalion that this is probabaly a bit overdone, but for the sack of safety I would still say removal might be better.

PRE-LQ-01: Here my editing could be clearer. This is actually a change done by Tolkien himself in the last version he left us.

PRE-ED-03: I used this editing mark two times by accident. I will change the second to PRE-ED-04. But both changes have the same reasoning behind them: they are again Ælfwine speaking, which we have to remove.

PRE-QL-02 & PRE-QL-03: These document changes that Tolkien did, but they are removed by our editing.

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