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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
One of the things I wanted to mention somewhere, but which I might just point out here, is one thing that's been present throughout the previous thread and which really stood out when I was re-reading: Hilderinc's attitude towards Léof. So maybe also for your convenience, Firefoot, if you wished to take it into account when thinking how Léof's attitude to Hilderinc might have developed during those years: on the previous thread, Hilderinc has consistently been calling Léof "the stablemaster" inside his head since the moment they met, and I've been thinking, given that, he might have started using it even aloud during the years. Kind of developing the habit. Whether Léof would consider it embarassing, or think it's a mockery, or think it's appreciation, or "wear it with pride", or just think Hilderinc was weird, whatever... (Hilderinc is using it rather as a kind of friendly title, sometimes in appreciation, but however Léof interprets it is of course up to him.) So, just saying. (I will of course keep using it in the future and if you want Léof to react to it, we can sometime do it. I think such an opportunity would arise by itself eventually.)
I think this would be something enjoyable to deal with in-thread as a "naturally" (now that we've contrived it) occuring event.
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