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VT-EX-03: You are right. I suppose we remove 'very broad'. I will name that change VT-EX-03.2.

VT-EX-05: Agreed:
That house was builded of marbles white and blue and stood amid the fields of snow, and its roofs were made of a web of that blue air called VT-EX-07.5{ilwe}[ilmė] that is above the white and grey.
VT-EX-11.2: For me 'spells' is okay.

VT-EX-11.3: Omar and Salmar: I wagly remember a discussion about this pair. With the result that I kept Salmar and removed Omar. In chapter 4 I simply forgot about it. But probably I have to look up the old discussion.

VE-EX-14.5: Agreed. We have to look for a solution. I like your idea to change the desscription of the jugdement of Men to Mandos.

VT-EX-15: Agreed. I will name that change VT-EX-15.3.

VT-EX-29: Agreed.

VT-EX-36: Agreed. I will name that change VT-EX-37.

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