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I would say that Fui is not a requirement for me. I do not feel too strongly about dropping it. As for the description, I certainly do not want to use it for Nienna, I removed that part in my suggestion. I would say that we cannot move the Valaquenta passages without real good reason, which we do not have. I think small repetition is harmless and the best solution to the issue.

As for the Fate of Men passage you are right, I just figured I'd throw it out there.

Another side note, I think the chapter should end on a more final note than the description of Nienna's hall, so perhaps we could take up this LT sentence as a way to close out the chapter:
VT-LT-16 <LT Therefore {is}was Valinor {now} built, and there {is}was great peace there, and the {Gods}[Valar] in joy, for {those} quarrelsome spirits {dwell}dwelt not {much} among them, and {Melko comes}Melkor came not nigh.>

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