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Magic: When I looked up the occurrences in all our text, I could discern a clear trend that the older the basis text is the more often the word “magic” is used (the same is true for “Gods” as well). This together with the passage in LotR where Galadriel connected the word with the deceits of the enemy makes me at least cautious about a massive usage.

VT-LT-16: I like the idea of a closing sentence to the chapter, but I have some reservation about the quarrelsome spirits not dwelling among them. The reference was to Makar and Meassa. But these “Melkor party” is removed from our version. So I would edit the sentence differently:
VT-LT-16 <LT Therefore {is}was Valinor {now }built, and there {is}was great peace there, and the {Gods}[Valar] in joy, for {those quarrelsome spirits dwell not much among them, and Melko}[Melkor] {comes}came not nigh.>
On the diacritics: Okay I will take up general changes of {Nienna}[Niënna]; {Fui}[Niënna] and {Lorien}[Lóriën]; {Lórien}[Lóriën]; the spelling “Loriën” is not found in our text so fare.

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