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Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
His legs, which had been turning like windmills just seconds ago, felt as if they weighed nothing at all. Everyone was heaving, trying to catch their breath, while he stumbled around trying to find his footing and feeling quite dizzy.

"I owe you a copper, Erbrand! Osmund! Were you trying," he puffed, "to lose me my coin?!?" Eodwine said as Erbrand approached him to offer his congratulations.

Erbrand laughed at the joke, as did everyone else. "I'm just thankful that we did not make the bet against one another my lord," Erbrand replied, trying to stand up but still bending slightly and breathing heavily. The winner was looking quite pleased with himself after beating his Rohirric brothers and beamed with pride as he accepted the congratulations that were offered to him.

Slowly walking to the boys he marked their eagerness to begin the next race and to prove that Javan wasn't the only one who could run. "Well done, Javan!" Erbrand said looking down at him, "I've never seen a race run so fast, or boys so hasty to begin another after the finish. I'd keep an eye on those two next time Javan. Good luck!"
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