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"Erbrand!" puffed Eodwine, "you are a noble runner! Your skill amazes me!"

Erbrand couldn’t respond. His heart pumped frantically against his ribs and for a while he stood in a daze unable to focus on what was being said, he felt world was spinning all around him as he fell to his knees. Breathing came hard and he could sense people swarming around him asking if he was alright. Suddenly everything came back into focus, his regularized, and with a slight groan Erbrand rose back to his feet.

“I’m just glad the race wasn’t farther.” Erbrand finally responded with a friendly wink.

For a while Ebrand stood in the midst of the crowd, accepting all the handshakes, compliments and friendly pats on the back. It was rather strange for him to be in the limelight, it made him feel uncomfortable and he was almost relieved when he began to fade from everyone’s attention. It was his turn to do the congratulating now.

“Well done Garmund,” he said walking over to Javan, Cnebba and Garmund, seating himself on the grass next to them, “You certainly prove a better runner than I had thought you to be. I swear Cnebba, you passed that finish line a within a hairs width of Javan.”

This of course brought up the subject of the second place tie between the two boys. Garmund couldn’t believe that Cnebba had pulled ahead so fast in the last lap, and Erbrand wound up recanting what had happened. They all laughed as Thornden and Stigend swarmed around him and took up the debate. However during the conversation the subject of the next race came up at which Erbrand suddenly remembered.

“If you’ll excuse me, sirs, I have something to attend to.”

He strode away from the group trying to discern Kara’s face amongst the crowd. As he looked for her, Lithor was starting to arrange the flags for the race, which would soon begin. Erbrand spotted Kara speaking to Ginna, both seemed to be quite happy and excited.

“Hello Kara, Ginna,” Erbrand said, this time not so nervous and shy. A smile lit up his face and confidence seemed to blend with his words, which was altogether very unusual.

“Are you ready for a race, Kara?”
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