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"Aye, let them race," shouted Erbrand in agreament with Kara, though he knew that it would be a far more difficult thing to do. The weight of little Leodern on Degas' foot would cause him to be greatly imbalanced, but where Degas' lacked in racing he might gain in balance.

It looked as if the crowd was now almost shouting for Lithor to let Leodern race as is so Erbrand payed no more attention, seeing that Lithor would probably let it be. Kara rose from tying the knot and tested it by tugging at it with her foot, to Erbrand's amazement the knot was taut and strong.

"Well done," he said, his voice giving a slight chuckle. They positioned their feet to the starting line and she reached up and put her arm around his shoulders. Slightly stunned Erbrand did the same, and started practicing the beat to which they would run


Lithor's face was a frown as the racers urged him to let Degas and Leodern race, this was hardly the response he expected. He cast a hopeful glance at Eodwine half expecting some support from his lord but he didn't get any, Eodwine just stared at him, his hands folded across his chest, with a half amused smile on his face. The child clinging to Degas' leg began to look around alarmingly, and Degas wore a gleeful smile on his face as the crowd began to sway in his favor.

Taking a piece of twine from the rope pile Lithor knelt down to Leodern's level, who was still clinging desperately to Degas' foot. Lithor took the twine and gently tide it around the childs small ankle and then brought in around Degas' foot and tied a half knot, allowing Leodern to stay where she was. Leodern looked puzzled, wondering if this meant that she had to stand, but Lithor just rose and gave Degas a playful wink.

"There you go. Now it is a rope-tie race."
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