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Erbrand's ears were ringing from the excited screaming of Kara as he crossed the finish line. He enjoyed every minute of the challenge, especially since he had a partner who cared very little if they won or lost. However, the strength that had almost carried him across the finish line left him at that very moment and he fell flat on his face with Kara following after him.

For a brief moment he could hear nothing besides his heavy breathing, only the heaving of his chest prevented him from losing all conscience and blacking out. But while he tried to regain his breath and fought to keep conscience the familiar sound of Kara's laughter broke through to him and it was the sweetest sound he'd ever known. She lay there on her side, looking at him, with her lips curled in an undimmed smile.

"Third!" she said between bouts of laughter, "Third! Well done Erbrand. I thought that we would lose for certain."

He could not think of a clever reply or to even try to give Kara some partial credit for not fighting with him the entire way to the finish line. Instead he said the first thoughts that entered his mind: "Ha! Not with me... on the case." His words were indeed prideful as he struggled to say them between his gasps for air.

She thanked him politely, but he responded with a blunt answer and made a gesture as if dismissing her. He lifted his head to see how the other runners did and he was glad that the boys had beeten them, he had a feeling that they would pull through in one of the contests.

"Little help?" Erbrand looked over and saw that Kara was trying to undo the knot that joined them. He quickly lent his hand and tried to pry the knot apart with his fingers, but it was tight and would not yield easily.

"You tie a hard not," he said, glancing up at Kara, "I could do with a knot like this in my work."

Kara laughed again, and told him to get the rope off first. After they had congratulated the other runners, Erbrand walked Kara back to her seat in the Scar. He apologized for his biting language when they had won, but Kara didn't mind and just laughed when he asked if he had hurt her during the race. Lithor was calling everyone back for the next competition but there was one more thing that Erbrand needed to ask Kara before he went back.

"I've been meaning to ask you this since the race," he began, "and I want to have your answer now before you are taken by another man." She glance him a puzzled look, and at that moment Erbrand caught a glimpse of Crabannan coming over the Scar. "I was wondering if... well, if you would promise me one dance tonight at the bonfire? I know that we still have time, but I wanted to ask you before Craba... before someone else asked you first."

She smiled back at him and Erbrand's hopes soared with what she would say next.

"Yes, I'll promise you a dance. The night will be long and I'm sure everyone will have a chance to dance."

"Wonderful!" he exclaimed, jumping once in excitement, "I will look forward to that with more anticipation than our race, and that's saying a lot." Lithor called again for the contestants to come forward and Kara bade him go before he missed the contest. They both waved goodbye, but Erbrand came running back to her after taking only a few steps and leaned over to give her a grateful kiss on the cheek. His face was blushing when he stepped back, but he was still smiling and he rushed back down the Scar with much speed and great excitment, leaving a stunned Kara.
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