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Stigend and Garstan had been following the unfolding of the events in the task-path and had lived the last moments of the race with heart-rates over the healthy ones goading Harreld to do his best. They had yelled their throats sore for Harreld and when he finally beat Erbrand at the last moment for the second last place they hugged each other spontaneously howling in joy. Not that they had anything against Erbrand, but Harreld was their work-mate and a fellow they knew well, and that was reason enough to champion him.

After the cheering died down Stigend noticed NŠin walking around alone and heading for the temporary kitchens looking quite gloomy. He punched Garstan slightly to the shoulder and winked towards the kitchens. Garstan nodded and they started forwards to catch the dwarf.

"Hi there master dwarf!" Garstan called NŠin when they were something like ten paces away from NŠin.

"Aren't you participating in the games NŠin? You would be great in the sack fight, or wrestling perhaps?" Stigend added smiling broadly.

The dwarf looked at the two craftsmen with an odd look.

"Why should I?" he counter-asked and looked at his two fellows in trade questioningly. "These games are ridiculous".

"Oh, don't be a bore my friend!" Garstan grinned.

Stigend looked at the dwarf and thought he saw the inner smile behind the expressions of the grim dwarf. They had worked together long enough for him to see he was not as annoyed as he tried to convince them he was. At least he thought he saw it.

"Let's have a pint. Maybe Frodides has some refreshments for the competitors... and to some onlookers as well?" Stigend winked an eye to NŠin but then suddenly bowed to him respectfully and said: "If you wish master NŠin".

Even if Stigend was in a good mood after Cnebba's and Garmund's victory and all the things that promised for the future he never forgot his high esteem of the dwarf for NŠin was a true master of his trade and Garstan and Stigend - how handy and able they were - were just apprentices compared to him. And they all knew it even if they hadn't mentioned it one single time during their time of working together.

"You'd share a pint with us master?" Garstan added realising the need to change the tone as well.
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