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As always, Ginna and Kara took seats beside each other to watch the task-path event. The two ladies cheered wholeheartedly, still bolstered by the excitement of the three-legged race, laughing and screaming themselves hoarse all the while. Every now and then they exchanged meaningful looks, loaded with silent appraisals of the men - two men, in particular.

When Harreld fell down the wall, both of them winced, and Kara automatically reached out a comforting arm to the apparently troubled Ginna. The worry passed in a moment, however, as Harreld quickly rose to his feet, not the least bothered by his fall. Kara and Ginna looked at each other, laughed, and then cheered Harreld on.

In the end, the race was left between Harreld and Erbrand. Ginna and Kara could no longer shake off their anxious amusement and stood, jumping up and down and clapping like little children as they yelled.

"I'll wager Harreld finishes first," remarked Ginna absently in between shrieks.

"No way," countered Kara. "Erbrand's lighter."

"Loser washes all the dishes after supper," Ginna challenged, extending her hand towards Kara. She took it. "You have a deal."

The two then doubled their efforts at cheering, screaming at ear-splitting levels. It seemed as if Harreld and Erbrand would reach the finish line at the same time, but Harreld suddenly pulled ahead of Erbrand to the finish. Ginna turned to Kara, took her hand and squeezed it, and gave her a mischievous wink, before running off towards Harreld.

“You were the toughest opponent that I have had yet,” she heard Erbrand say as she approached. Harreld thanked him, and saw her approach as the other man left. Upon reaching him, Ginna shook his hand.

"You may not have won, but I congratulate you still."

Harreld grinned bashfully. "My thanks, Ginna."

The girl noticed the commotion around Saeryn, who was obviously in pain. "What's the matter with Saeryn? She seemed fine when I had raced with her..."

"Perhaps she had been in pain even then, only you were both laughing too hard for her to notice."

Ginna looked up towards Harreld's face; was it just her imagination, or had she discerned a touch of envy in the blacksmith's voice? His eyes betrayed nothing. It was probably her own emotions playing a trick on her. From the corner of her eye she saw Degas walk towards Saeryn, and decided to stop worrying and let her brother tend to her. With a small, absentminded movement of her arm, Ginna realised that Harreld had not released her hand - neither had she his.

"I apologise for never having thought of asking you if you wanted to join the three-legged race with me. But even with that over, you can still be my partner in one event this day."

Ginna smiled shyly yet expectantly, hoping he took her meaning.
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