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" can still be my partner in one event this day."

Ginna looked both expectant and shy at once, but her hand remained in his. He lifted it and bowed and placed a Gondorian kiss thereon, his eyes not leaving hers. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an O, and she looked more shy yet, but pleased, biting her lip in a most winsome way. Harreld's face did not feel even the slightest hint of heat. He was enjoying this.

"I would be delighted," he said simply, and let her hand slip from his. She smiled and turned back to Kara, but gave him another bright eyed glance, as if the dance she had offered him had turned to a promise.

He straightened and made his way with a little bit of a swagger to the stone throwing competition. He cared not if he came in last or first, for he was in the lead in a race of far greater import.


He had moved from Saeryn to make room for Degas. He was getting restless for the day when others would have to make way for him coming by her side to take her arm in his. He was watching her now. She was smiling, talking to Degas; but she glanced at him; did she notice the fire in his eyes that went with the smile on his face? Almost, he was ready to throw caution to the wind and make good on his plan this minute, but no, he would wait until later.

He went to the baker and found a few more chairs and placed them near the one on which Saeyrn sat. He set one on Saeryn's right and directed Rowenna to sit there. He placed the other two seats to Saeryn's left.

"Degas, please choose your seat," he said. His eyes caught and held those of Saeryn again. He put all his feeling for her in his eyes, for any other display was not yet appropriate. He willed her to understand, yes feel what he meant to convey.
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