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Originally Posted by Imladris
I had thought that Gwyllion would kind of mention it to Aeron. Gwyl is shy, she wouldn't speak to another and the flower from the river daughter binds her to him.

I was thinking Aeron could wake up, tell Ravion, who will tell him to tell one of the elves...maybe then one of them could brush of Aeron until he dreams again the next night?
That sounds right to me, too. How about you do all that-- complete with elvish brushoff, from Erebemlin of course; then when Bergil shows up a day or three later, Aeron can have a nice "I told you so" moment-- and the elf STILL won't care.

Am I painting Erebemlin too icy-cold, Alak? Let me know if I am. I see him as sheer devotion, laser-focused on Amroth and immune to everything and everyone else except the river-daughter. Perhaps I go overboard?
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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