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Elrond.... dude I love elves but what's the matter with that guy!?
I nevr really liked Elrond because he didn't let Arwen go and stay with Aragorn ... he was like putting her down ... It's just rude.
How long can somebody keep a grudge, I mean come on Elrond give it up!!!!
Don't keep calling him Elrond. Elrond in the movie was NOT Elrond, just like Faramir in the movie was not Faramir.

Please refer to him as "movie-Elrond", because that's what he is. The real Elrond was not like that at all.
I'll be predictable and vote for Feanor. I realise how great he was and all, but he did so many bad deeds that I cannot easily forgive him.
He really didn't do that many "bad" deeds.

He drew his sword on his brother, but in his mind it was justified (because he had been influenced by Melkor's lies), and the sword incident resulted in Melkor's malice being uncovered (a very good thing).

Even the most insane of Feanor's actions (eg when he burned the Teleri's ships) were the best possible way to bring about good in the world. The threads below explain everything quite well. They're worth the read (it won't take too long, just a few minutes, the first thread is specifically about Feanor, the second is about the Noldor as a whole).

(by the way, it's on the 2nd page of the first thread that I explain why burning the ships was a good thing)
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