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There will be no need for me to take your posts out of the Inn.

Since they are in under your names, you can use the 'edit' function of the post box and copy and paste them to WORD, then change them as needed and paste them on the Game where you feel they belong.

All I will need for the Discussion Thread is the Game's First Post, and the First Posts for the Dedicated players for this game, which will ALL be submitted on the Game Proposal Form.

Nice going everyone. And I do agree with this comment:

Elrond's sons & Celeborn can figure in the storyline & be present, just not as central characters.
Actual characters written by Tolkien would need to be written by someone well-versed in the exact way in which Tolkien wrote them - and when you do use them in reference to your other characters, extra care needs to be taken that they are not presented outside the parameters that Tolkien set for them.
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