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Character Bios for the NPC’s (non-player characters)

1) Thin-Gloomy's Caretaker (he shall go by that name or just "the Caretaker")

Gender - Male

Race - Man

Age - 42

Appearance - 5'2ish and rather thing. Balding with a little moustache. Stands stock still and straight. Dressed up rather poorly however (clothes are in rags). Very monotone while speaking and rather knowledgable.


2) Kidnappers (Group Bio)

Leader: Cilia (33 y/o)
Others: Samson (27 y/o), Thomas(32 y/o), Jack (25 y/o), Mica (30 y/o)

Gender - The leader is female, the other four are all males.

Race - Man

Appearance - They're a rag tag bunch. Dressed in hunting wear that has been torn to bits. They each carry a quiver of arrows and a bow and they're sword preference is the Broad sword, with the exception of Cilia who prefers the Short Sword.

History - They were all friends growing up. They were all adopted and uncontrollable. As the years progressed, their wrongdoings became crimes. Ransacking and thieving were they're main crimes. When they heard about the Great Golden Hoard Quest, they made a plan to kidnap the winner and steal his/her money. When Thin-Gloomy became the winner, they quickly set their plan into motion and kindnapped her to find out where her winnings are hidden.


3) Bandits - working for kidnappers (Group Bio)

Leader: Cecilia (33 y/o)
Others: Nikolai (31 y/o), Jayson (26 y/o )

Gender - Two males; 1 female (twin sister of Cilia)

Race - Men

History - Same history as Cilia's gang. Small band under the lead of Cilia's twin sister Cecilia. They were a group organized by Cilia too stay behind and trap any who tried to follow Cilia and her gang of kidnappers with Thin-Gloomy.

Appearance - Dressed mostly in green to blend into the surrounding area. Use mostly bows and arrows but all carry Short Swords in case of up close combat.
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