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Maedhros wrote:
I think that this draft has a problem with the Gil-Galad situation. We have earlier that Gil-Galad is the King of the Ñoldor in Sirion's Mouth and that Eärendil is the lord of the folk of Sirion. Hmmmm. I can live with that because in the map of Beleriand in HoME 11, we can see that the place where Eärendil dwelt and Sirion's mouth are not exactly the same. (Eärendil's place is a little to the west of the Mouth of Sirion). My problem is that when the Fëanorians attack the settlement of Eärendil, we don't hear nothing from Gil-Galad. I would propose this emendation:
I thought that in the Proposed FoG Agenda thread we had decided to take "Sirion's Mouths" less literally and assume that the situation is unchanged from that used in the '77; i.e: Gil-Galad has already gone to Balar with Cirdan by the time Earendil arrives - and when the attack is made on Sirion by the Feanorians, Gil-Galad and Cirdan come too late to be of aid, but take what folk survived the assault with them back to Balar.
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