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** Revising The Voyage of Earendil

Before to start with the Voyage of Earendil, we can insert a slightly modified version of the Fragment of the alliterative Lay of Eärendel found in The Lays of Beleriand (HoME 3), II Poems Early Abandoned.
How can that happen? It exists as a separate work since The Lay of Eärendil is alluded to in the chapter.

Or so it is said, among the {Gnomes} [Noldor], who after had tidings of many things from their kinsfolk the Quendi, the Light-elves beloved of Manwë, who ever knew something of the mind of the Lord of the {Gods} [Valar].
Quendi should be Vanyar, or the more expansive Calaquendi.

Then the host of the Valar prepared for battle, and the captain of their host was Eönwë to whom Manwë gave his sword. Beneath his white banner marched also the Vanyar, the Fair-elves, the people of Ingwë; and among them were also those of the Noldor of old who had never departed from Valinor, and Ingwion son of Ingwë was their chief. But remembering the slaying at the Swan-haven and the rape of their ships, few of the Teleri were willing to go forth to war; but Elwing went among them, and because she was fair and gentle, and was come also upon her father's side from Thingol who was of their own kindred, they harkened to her; and they sent mariners sufficient to man and steer the ships upon which most of that army was borne east oversea; but they stayed aboard their ships and none ever set foot upon the shores of the Hither Lands.
Am I alone in thinking that CT was correct in placing this entire paragraph within VE-12? Left as it is here the action of Eärendil before the Valar gets broken up, and we hear about Elwing influencing the Teleri before we know how she meets them. I have to defer to Q77 here.

Also, on the whole Gil-Galad issue. I've never supported his penciled origin and neat disposing on Balar. Maédhros is right, the two go hand in hand. If we regect the Fingon parentage why not the Balar drop-off? Placing him at the Havens the entire time makes much more sense: his role in the story becomes more active, it doesn't conflict the later note, and at least there he's placed among other Noldor while the people on Balar were probably Falathrim Sindar. I also don't think Arothir should replace Orodreth as the most common name.
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