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Is it impossible to salvage the revised addition of Finarfin son of Finwë leading the Noldor? For example:
I'm not sure about that. From the Later Quentas
§6 'Ingwiel son of Ingwë was their chief': observing the apparent error, in that Ingwiel appears to be named the leader of the Noldor (see V.334, §6), my father changed this to 'Finarphin son of Finwë': see IV.196, second footnote. In the typescript he let the passage stand, but changed Ingwiel to Ingwion (and also 'Light-elves' to 'Fair-elves', see X.168, 180).
This is why I would be against such a change. It may have been a slip by JRRT but if he let that passage stand, I think that it should stay.
This change was the reason that I proposed that we should change all of the references of the Light-elves to Fair elves but I missed something that comes next:
Later Quentas
§15 'the Light-elves of Valinor' > 'the Light-elves in Valinor'
Since JRRT left the references to the Light-elves they should definitely stay. Regarding the Quendi, I think that Findegil is probably correct is stating that if we changed it it would only be for clarification.

Maybe this all is a bit artifical, but it works out. The addition in VE-10 is risky, since we know nothing about what Gil-Galad did during the attack. But if we are going to introduce him at the havens that was the least risky way I could think of.
I don't see it as that risky. If we are to accept that Gil-Galad was in the Mouths of Sirion and not in Valar, it sounds very plausible. The Havens thing with Gil-Galad was introduced because of a previous note by JRRT that was discarded, so essentially we don't have hard facts about his status during the attacks of the Fëanorians.
In addition we must make clear that there were groups of people at the Havens all of which had their own leader, but that Gil-Galad was their overlord as King of the Noldor in exile.
I like that additon of Lothrim in there.
I skipt the passage of Gil-Galads apperence. If we will use the information about his mother somewere else (the Chapter of Túrin in Nargothrond was suggested and I like to suggest "Of Beleriand and its Realms"), we should also introduce his apperence there.
Merging both parragraphs seems fine to me. The Gil-Galad parragraph in itself was fine but with the rest of the text it looked odd to me. Moving the part of Gil-Galad being king in there seems much better and skipping the description of his appearance to an earlier chapter is ok to me.
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