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This Gil-Galad thing is Yavanna-tree of VoE.

I am not inclined to go with the typescript of LQ as the final version, since there is clearly an error there whereby Ingwion appears to become a Noldo. I am rather sympathetic to Petty Dwarf's inclination to include mention of both Ingwion and Finarfin - but unfortunately this results in awkward wording
I think my wording was awkward...but it was purely for example. Here's another, again, excuse shoddy notation:
Beneath his white banner marched also the Vanyar, the Fair-elves, the people of Ingw [, and Ingwion his son {of Ingw} was their chief]{;} [A]mong them were also those of the Noldor of old who had never departed from Valinor, {and Ingwion son of Ingw}[and Finarfin son of Finw was their chief].
Are you sure with keeping the mention of "Quendi" in VE-4:
Or so it is said, among the {Gnomes} [Noldor], who after had tidings of many things from their kinsfolk the Quendi, the Light-elves beloved of Manw, who ever knew something of the mind of the Lord of the {Gods} [Valar].
I always accepted the latter meaning of the term Quendi "The Speakers" as all elvenfolk, including the Avari, as per Quendi and Eldar. I understood the significence of "the Quendi" here to mean "the Vanyar".
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